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Diamond Skin Care Package - Special Offer
Diamond Skin Care Package - Special Offer
Diamond Skin Care Package - Special Offer
Diamond Skin Care Package - Special Offer

Diamond Skin Care Package - Special Offer

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Achieve Dermatologist Level Facial Cleanse with Diamond Skin Care Package!

Diamond Skin Care Package provides all of Primalderm Professional Essentials for you to sustain clean, smooth and shining skin. With this package, you will not need to go to expensive beauty salons for facial cleanse.

1. Primalderm™ Professional Facial Steamer

We highly recommend to apply hot steam on your face for 3-5 minutes before starting to clean your pores.

Hot steam opens up your pores and makes the cleaning process easier. Also, it minimizes bruise while using Facial Pore Cleanser because the Pore Cleanser will not hurt your skin when your pores are open.

The Professional Facial Steamer generates a warm and large amount of mist within 30 seconds with PTC ceramic heating chip.

You can learn more about Primalderm™ Professional Facial Steamer here.

2. Primalderm™ Facial Pore Cleanser

Primalderm™ Facial Pore Cleanser is the main tool of your facial cleanse. When combined with Professional Facial Steamer, Primalderm™ Facial Pore Cleanser works more efficiently and cleans your pores easily.

There are countless benefits of cleaning your pores from blackheads, oil and debris. For more information, you can check here.

3. Primalderm™ Ultrasonic Facial Cleanser

Primalderm™ Ultrasonic Facial Cleanser is the last touch of your facial cleanse.

After unclogging your pores from impurities, our Ultrasonic Facial Cleanser will help you to nourish the pores with a smooth massage.

All you need to do is to put 1-2 grams of your daily cleanser or moisturizer, drip 4-6 drops of water and gently move Primalderm™ Ultrasonic Facial Cleanser all over your face.

Then enjoy deep massage, clean and smooth face.

If you want to learn more about Primalderm™ Ultrasonic Facial Cleanser, you can click here.

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